Samadhi Massage Therapy

 Samadhi is a Sanskrit word meaning "the highest state of consciousness; beyond waking, dreaming or deep sleep; a feeling of divine bliss." 

At Samadhi Massage Therapy, every aspect of each massage session is designed to allow you to reach that particular state of bliss known as “Samadhi.”


~ Personalized, friendly service. The studio is operated solely by the massage therapist Beth, allowing for a seamless massage experience from beginning til end.

~ Relaxing atmosphere. No busy waiting rooms, and plenty of time for chatting, etc. before and after your full length session. (Fifty minute "hour" massages do not exist here!)

~ 10+ years of experience. Beth has been an LMT since 2006 and has trained with some of the most renowned educators in their respective areas of expertise (including Nathalie Cecilia, Amy Weintraub, and Claire Marie Miller.)

Making massage a part of your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you're seeking the ultimate in professional massage therapy for general health and mood management, Samadhi Massage Therapy may be the perfect fit for you. Schedule an appointment today!


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